Studium: more than 40 years of successes.

Studium is a company operating since 40 years ago in the engineering and construction in the mechanic field.

Our efforts are addressed to the research and development of innovative technological solutions of the production optimization.

Studium proposes itself as a partner of those companies that want:

  • increase the quality of their products
  • increase the productivity of the production systems and cells
  • increase their competitiveness in the market

Studium has an engineering department using 3D CAD system and a factory independent for the machining of small and medium dimensions pieces.
Our know-how is addressed to the Italian and international market and is dedicated to everyone wants encrease and improve his ability in competition.

Studium works together with machine constructors giving all his experience and competence: and more, Studium studies and develops automations and equipments for the cells and for the systems user.

Studium has a long experience in the engineering and production of automatic glass tube loaders, vertical forming machines, afterformers, annealing lehrs, cold-end lines, automatic packing machines for ampoules, vials and cartridges.
We are specialized in the engineering and construction of:

  • automatic glass tube loaders for vertical forming machines for vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes
  • automatic packing machines for glass ampoules, vials and cartridges

Call STUDIUM for the engineering and construction of your automatic tube loader, and automatic packing machine.